About Us

ResEssential is a marketing agency built on the inherent value of powerful experiences. The place we call home influences our social lives, our self-perception, and our consumer choices. We partner with some of the most trusted names in residential property development and management to bring top lifestyle brands front and center in the homes and lives of consumers.

Launched in 2016 with the mission of bringing high-impact events to residential communities, we’ve since expanded our focus to integrate branded experiences into every property we serve. We provide a captive audience of consumers who are looking for a way to connect with others in their community. Your brand fosters that connection, which builds the kind of loyalty and revenue that traditional marketing channels just can’t touch. Our innovative approach is not about product placement. It’s about creating experiences that are authentic, memorable, and (most importantly) sustainable. 

With exclusive access to over 75 luxury multifamily apartment, condo, and single-family communities in the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re currently seeking brand partners and new properties to join us as we grow. Connect with ResEssential and bring your brand home.