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An Experiential Amenity for Luxury Apartments

With today’s competitive landscape luxury real estate developers are finding it harder and harder to differentiate from competitors and attract new residents. As customer preferences change and demand for bigger and better amenities grows, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing your property.

At ResEssential, we understand that it’s by transforming your properties into thriving communities that can retain and attract new customers. That’s why we focus on giving you a value-add that extends well beyond simply marketing your property.

Our year-round residential programming makes the most of your amenity spaces by showcasing their versatility as settings for memorable and immersive experiences tailormade to the lifestyles of your residents.


Our Capabilities

Through a variety of services we help you engage residents by way of the following:


Resident Experiences: Boost resident satisfaction through exciting year-round programming

Content Curation: Enhance your digital marketing efforts with fresh photo and video content

Custom Events: Activate your amenity spaces with curated experiences customized to your amenity spaces

Property Openings: Attract new clients through share worthy opening events that will have everyone talking

Brand Partnerships: Optimize engagement with your property by partnering with local and national brands

Retail Activation: Become a community fixture with on-site retail and use of event spaces



Viral Advocacy

Utilize lifestyle driven resident experiences to make your property the talk of the town


Resident Retention

Improve satisfaction ratings to keep residents year after year


Raised Perceived Value

Boost value proposition with exclusive resident activations


Sense of Community

Foster community engagement through meaningful experiences

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Increased Referrals

Tap into resident peer groups through word of mouth

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Customer Satisfaction

Increase resident retention by catering to the holistic needs of your demographic


Clients Who Trust Us